WOW Bureau of Speakers

Hello, my name is Yanina Dubeykovskaya, I'm a philosopher, an entrepreneur and a speaker.

I and my Wow-team have been working with the best speakers for 10 years, organizing their own events and selecting speakers for partner events. Our main project is the World Communication Forum, which we have been doing for 10 years in Switzerland and in 8 other countries, in which our events took place during these years.

All of our speakers are:

  • Motivational;
  • Deep and informative experts;
  • Interesting personalities.

And I'm also a Woman, and that’s why we make a conscious emphasis on finding and producing women speakers because it means:

  • Necessary content and value balance of any event;
  • Elegance and beauty.

We make the Women Influence Forum, our own event, and we also find best women speakers for client events.

Write to me personally if you have any questions: wowspeakers@forumdavos.com

To organizers of events

We need to know more about your event, and we will be able to offer speakers of different levels and different models of compensation. What we offer:

  • Selection of speakers who are ready to come out with a blurry fee or without a fee;
  • Event on a turnkey basis;
  • Preparing your speakers for the speech;
  • Media support.
В поисках идеального спикера?

The key areas of expertise of our speakers is:

  • Artificial intelligence: challenges, opportunities, chances.
  • Branding of countries and national tourism products;
  • "Soft power" and development of non-material assets of countries, corporations, communities;
  • Digital transformation and digital communications;
  • Virtual and augmented reality as a new business environment;
  • Management of corporate changes;
  • Financial communications.

Program or Event
Turn-key project

Based on our experience in organizing events of different levels, by creating and developing our own brand events – Communication Forum Davos and the Women Influence Forum, we are ready to:

  • Develop a creative concept;
  • Structure the program;
  • Choose the best speakers;
  • Script speakers’ performances;
  • Provide international media support for your event.

We work with fine small teams ready to take on all the organizational issues of preparing your event from site and meals to transfers and concierge service for your guests on reasonable terms.

Our only condition is transparency of project financing. We value our reputation and trust of our international partners.

Our strength is experience, international and multilingual team and good understanding of international quality standards of events.

To Speakers

Nice to meet you! Are you a person who chose public speeches as a profession or as a supporting practice in your professional and social mission, developing a personal brand or practice of influence? Bravo!
We will be glad to help you on this Path.

Our services will be useful for speakers who:

  • Achieved the "ceiling" in national markets and are entering the international arena;
  • Beginner speakers who need to increase their skills and sharpen charisma up to international level;
  • Speakers who are forming a portfolio of their speeches, who need practice;
  • Speakers who need a qualified representative in communication with customers of speeches, capable of taking on all organizational and legal issues.

Depending on your tasks and level of preparedness, we will offer you a form of cooperation that will bring the best result.

To let us know you better, please fill out the form below.


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